Our products

Coatings Do you have a problem with adhering your product? We can offer you a solution from a range of more than 200 different coatings. For example, we have various PTFE coatings, which can offer a solution in many cases. We apply the coating in various ways, the standard is as a surface treatment, but... Read more Heat shrinkable tubing Benetech provides a complete package of PTFE shrink tubes. These can be used to prevent adhesion to your roller in combination with high temperatures, but also for lower friction in your production process! Moreover, we do supply Polyolefin shrink tubes for cable, pipe and tube protection. Read more Heat seal elements Seal elements exist in many designs and sizes. Benetech supplies according to drawing, description or sample. Not certain what style your element is? Send your sample to our office and we will measure it, so you will receive the correct item. Cutting wire with green PTFE coating is available from... Read more Silicone gummy Silicone rubber materials are available in many different sizes and designs. Because of our close collaboration with our manufacturers, we can supply almost any size within short delivery times. Read more Tapes In our product line of PTFE tapes we supply PTFE plain, one side adhesive, and with or without a layer of glass fabric. We can produce special tapes for your packaging machine. Our tapes have properties such as anti stick, low friction and high temperature resistance. For more information please... Read more Miscellaneous Benetech can supply some special materials, PTFE tubing and processed products directly from our manufacturer, at competitive prices. If you do not have the possibility to shrink tubes yourselve, we can do that for you in our wharehouse. Other than that we supply special PTFE bakingfoil for... Read more