Heat shrinkable tubing

Fitting of shrinkable tubing

Benetech often supplies heat shrinkable tubing in PTFE, FEP and Polyolefin, which is, for example, used as a cover on rollers. The advantages of this heat shrinkable tubing are: excellent anti-stick properties, but also low friction or protection of your rollers during bad weather conditions.

Covering a roller with heat shrinkable tubing is not very complicated, but could be a little risky, certainly when doing this for the first time. It does require some experience and, of course, good equipment to be able to do this. Furthermore this is dependent on the style of shrinkable tubing used. The Polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing is quite simple to apply and starts to shrink at temperatures from 110°C.

It is more complicated with PTFE, FEP, or PFA heat shrinkable tubing. These shrink at temperatures of 150°C, but shrinking should be carried out as a slow process. Should a "crease" develop, i.e. when moving too quickly, the tubing has to be replaced which leads to high costs. If you are not sure about fitting this yourself, please get in touch and we will think of a way we can help you i.e. we could fit the tubing for you but prefer to do that in our workshop, but if that is not possible, we could do this on site.

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